Using Telematics to Stick to Planned Maintenance Contracts

Using Telematics to Stick to Planned Maintenance Contracts

We all know that there are lots of benefits to preventive maintenance for machines. It’s essential for controlling costs and optimizing performance, safety, and the life of heavy equipment. And planned maintenance contracts from your dealer are the key to keeping on top of maintenance as a responsible heavy equipment owner.

Planned maintenance contracts ensure that machines are inspected and serviced in the right ways at proper intervals, as recommended by the manufacturer. This helps keep your equipment operating at peak power, efficiency, and safety while also helping to prevent more costly repairs and part replacements and unexpected machine downtime. Adhering to planned maintenance contracts also contributes to maximizing heavy equipment’s resale value.

Using log books and whiteboards to keep on top of service schedules is a cumbersome and inefficient method. Thankfully, using telematics is a much simpler, more efficient, more reliable alternative available to fleet owners today. And this is just one of many benefits of telematics systems.

How Does Using Telematics Help with Planned Maintenance?

Cutting-edge remote monitoring systems help heavy equipment owners and service technicians carrying out the work of planned maintenance contracts in a number of ways.

  • Telematics track where machines are in the course of their maintenance plans, with information about scheduled intervals, operating hours, etc.
  • The system can send automated alerts to owners, dealers, and anyone else when it’s time for service
  • Choose the thresholds for notifications and reminders to be sure that you have enough notice for equipment that’s used often
  • It can also facilitate service appointments around the machine’s operating schedule to avoid downtime inconveniences
  • Using telematics also provides alerts when heavy equipment is operating outside an acceptable parameter, indicating the need for maintenance beyond the schedule of a planned maintenance contract
  • Remote monitoring system reports give machine owners and service technicians detailed information about operations, warning indicators, and performance, helping to guide service and to discover and diagnose any existing issues or concerns (even if they’re beyond the scope of the appointment)
  • Technicians can also be better prepared for more efficient service, knowing when machines are coming and being able to confirm that the right filters and other components are in stock

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