Trekker HD Clamp Handset/Gang Forms

Trekker HD Clamp Handset/Gang Forms

Product Description:

We are pleased to introduce our new Handset/Gang Forming system, Trekker HD Clamp. The Trekker HD Clamp System has been designed to be one of the most efficient handset clamp system on the market. This system incorporates all of the latest advances in materials and design to provide the contractor with the best possible safety and performance while remaining reasonably priced.

We have incorporated the latest composite wood technology in using a form face made with composite outer layers and birch plywood inner layers. This gives the system increased durability with a smooth finish and the best weight to strength ratio. All steel parts are galvanized as well to further increase durability.

Trekker HD Clamp is a high capacity hand settable clamp system. This is perfect for columns or wall applications. This system uses rentable tie systems to include taper ties, she bolts, and euro rod. Trekker HD Clamp is best suited to walls up to 21ยด tall, and has a complete line of accessories.

  • The system is a 1500 psf system
  • There is no minimum height of TRK HD Clamp

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