Trekker Fast Lift Deck

Trekker Fast Lift Deck

Product Description:

Trekker Fast Lift Deck in combination with post shores, tripod stands, fork heads and plywood, the H20 Wood Beams provide flexible, yet cost effective formwork for any floor lay-out, slab thickness, and shore height. The H20 Wood Beam is lightweight at just 3.36 lbs./ft. (50 kg/m). Its high-grade beam ends assure long product life.

All post shores are equipped with the patented quick-release pin. With a blow of a hammer, the bolt immediately releases the slab load on the adjusting nut.

Accessory items make the H20 Wood Beam formwork an efficient, versatile system. For example, the tripod stand for post shores has legs that can be configured to fit along walls or corners, or even folded flat for transport.

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