Steel-Ply Form System

Steel-Ply Form System

Product Description:

Trekker’s pre-engineered, factory-built, reusable concrete forming system can be used in handset or gang form applications for commercial or residential structures. Form walls of just about any size and shape with the Steel-Ply Form System, and our accessories assist with all sorts of special details and structures. This is a more efficient, economical system than job-built plywood or other formwork methods.

Save Time with Steel-Ply

With no need for measuring, sawing, drilling, or nailing, the Steel-Ply Form System is so easy and quick to set up and strip. All you need is a hammer. Plus, little training is required.

Save Materials with Steel-Ply

The Steel-Ply Form System comes in a number of standard sizes that can be joined together to make most dimensions needed. This is much more convenient than job-built formwork, which has to be tailored for each individual pour. The system’s specially laminated plywood is mounted on sturdy steel frames and can be used up to 200 times before being reapplied.

Enjoy Quality, Consistency, and Safety with Steel-Ply

Engineered for unmatched strength, the Steel-Ply Form System is a leader in formwork safety. And because the same basic components and methods are used for any application, work becomes more predictable, consistent, and efficient.

Get Superior Service with Steel-Ply from Trekker

Tap into the resources of a global network of dealers and distributors offering the complete Steel-Ply Form System. Highly trained, experienced concrete forming representatives can help you draft detailed formwork blueprints with component placement and reuse cycles; this includes a materials checklist so you know you’ll have everything you need when work starts.

Also, ensure your crew works efficiently and safely by taking advantage of on-site training, application consultation, application guides, and safety sheets.

Rent or Buy Steel-Ply from Trekker

Trekker offers all standard panel sizes and most accessories for purchase or on a rental basis. The rental option is ideal for large-scale projects when it’s not practical to buy. Many concrete companies also find it makes sense to purchase basic panels and accessories, then rent additional components as needed.

An experienced Trekker representative can provide an analysis of whether purchase or rental of the Steel-Ply Form System would be best for your specific application.

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