Radius Form System

Radius Form System

Product Description:

Our Radius Form System are adjustable vertical radius forms for the construction of circular or curved walls.


  • Maximum pressure: 1650 PSF
  • Minimum curve radius: 8′-0″
  • Models with varied panel height: 10′, 8′, 6′, 4′
  • Models with varied panel width:
  • Exterior panel: 7′-4″
  • Interior panel: 7′-2″


  • Safety guaranteed during assembly and pouring by multiple platforms
  • Durable, robust panels made of galvanized steel
  • Adjustable:
    • Easy curving system with only 4 adjustment points
    • Simple placement of compensation fillers between panels
  • Efficient:
    • Excellent concrete finish thanks to the steel faced panels
    • Only 2 vertical ties per panel
    • The same elements are used for vertical and horizontal joints
    • A wide range of panels for all circumferences and heights. Interior and exterior panels are differentiated by color (yellow panels are exterior / black are exterior)
    • Assemblies are easy to handle with different lifting systems
    • Easy transition to steel ply (handset) forms with use of adaptor filler
    • Compatible with ULMA´s ORMA and BIRA Modular Formwork and accessories, and possible to use with FLECTOR Circular Formwork

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