Fiberglass or Steel Round Column Forms

Fiberglass or Steel Round Column Forms

Product Description:

Trekker one-piece fiberglass or steel round column forms (RCFs) are economical, and produce a smooth concrete finish. Manufactured of fiberglass reinforced plastic, these forms will not dent, sag, rot or weather and they require little, in any maintenance.

Trekker Round Columns Forms (RCFs) are lightweight, easy to handle, and simple to setup and remove. Trekker RCFs have only one vertical seam and are supplied complete with bracing collars and “fast” bolts. Trekker RCF’s are designed for repeat use.

Trekker RCF’s are nest able thus requiring less storage and shipping space. Diameters from 12 to 48 inches are available in one-piece lengths up to 20 feet. RCF’s can be rented or purchased.

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