20K Frame & Brace Shoring System

20K Frame & Brace Shoring System

Product Description:

The 20K Frame & Brace system is engineered for maximum strength, labor productivity and reuse capabilities.

20K Frame & Brace components feature high strength-to-weight ratios. Most components are light enough to be carried by one person, yet because of their strength, fewer pieces are needed. Less time and labor are required for set up and removal.

The system includes Heavy Duty Shore Frames, Adjustable Post Shores, Adjustable Horizontal Shores, and Aluminum Beams. These products are available in a wide range of sizes for virtually any deck forming applica-tion. A variety of special features and acces-sories make them faster and easier to use than competitive alternatives.

These shoring systems provide a number of contractor advantages. Our components have rated strengths and specified safety factors. The components are extremely durable and reusable, providing long service. Shoring systems offer contractors a ready means of boosting labor productivity and reducing concrete construction costs.

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