Shop Services

Shop Services

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Rely on our diagnostics, tools, and expertise to preserve performance and find the best solutions

Trekker provides a full array of shop services by expert technicians:


Cost-effective, OEM-spec remanufacturing of any brand and model’s components, including:

Hydraulic pumps
Hydraulic cylinders
Drive units
Torque converters

These services provide significant savings over new replacement parts, plus warranty coverage comparable to new component warranties.


Rebuilds of any brand and model’s components, including:

Mechanical Components

Axles | Final drives | Differentials | Gear boxes | Idler assemblies | Wet brakes | Drop boxes | Gear reducer assemblies


Complete engines | Engine heads

Power Transmissions

Motors | Generators | Alternators | Gen sets

Advanced Diagnostics

Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostics and factory-certified technicians quickly discover and repair any issues affecting performance or safety.

Undercarriage Maintenance

Preempt major expensive repairs with regular undercarriage inspections, routine maintenance, and parts replacements; we offer undercarriage remaining life estimates and CELT system installations to double the lifespan.

Machine Services

Major overhaul | Non-Destructive testing | Failure analysis | Component upgrade | Application analysis | Machine work | Inframe rebuilds | Out of frame kit jobs | Minor repair | Evaluation and inspection

Hydraulic Services

Cylinders and suspensions | Pumps and motors | Valves

Our Facilities & Equipment Include:

Full service mechanical shop Hydraulic systems test bench Machine and welding shop State-of-the-art equipment for machining and tooling Painting facilities Hot caustic clean tanks

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