Wireless Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring Systems

Superior equipment and project management.

Always be in control with equipment location and usage tracking and remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

We install a wireless monitoring system that:

Performance Data and Maintenance Notifications

Wirelessly transmitted data informs us about equipment performance and scheduled maintenance.

Tracks Your Equipment

Always know where your machinery is and how many hours it's been in use, and prevent unauthorized use.

Is Easily Accessible

All data is available online, can be integrated with your digital business system, and can be shared with third parties.

Detects Problems Right Away

We're immediately alerted to problems affecting the performance and safety of monitored machinery.

Available Data Includes:

✓ GPS location
✓ Detailed engine hours
✓ Customized management and maintenance reports
✓ Maintenance profiles and notifications
✓ Established boundaries that trigger alerts when equipment crosses them
✓ After hours security alerts
✓ Driver directions and instructions
✓ Machine health monitoring

Saves You Money and Downtime

When we're notified of an issue, we can run diagnostics remotely and show up fully prepared to fix it.

Add a Wireless Monitoring System to Include:

✓ Articulated Trucks
✓ Compact Track Loaders
✓ Crawler Tractors/Dozers
✓ Excavators
✓ Rigid Trucks
✓ Skid Steer Loaders
✓ Tractor Loader/Backhoes
✓ Wheel Loaders

sitewatch-pictureAccess current vital information about machine usage, performance, and location across all job sites, any time and no matter where you are with CASE SiteWatch
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