Top Tips for Keeping Construction Projects on Schedule

Top Tips for Keeping Construction Projects on Schedule

Keeping construction projects on schedule is essential for profitability and your company’s reputation. Falling behind can even lead to financially painful fines and penalties. And, of course, getting off track on one project can negatively affect other projects as well.

Here are some best practices and pointers for keeping construction projects on schedule.

Staying on Track with Your Construction Project Timeline

  • Invest in quality project management software. There are so many tools available today that are incredibly helpful for keeping construction projects on schedule.
  • Create a master schedule from start to completion. Break it down into phases, each with their own timelines. Break down the phases even further as it makes sense to do so. Keep in mind what must be done sequentially and what can be done concurrently. Implement realistic deadlines.
  • Evaluate you schedule for potential risks and create contingency plans that address them.
  • Focus on strong communication between all parties involved. Many delays and mistakes are often attributable to poor communication.
  • Make sure the contracts with your subcontractors clearly define their scope of work and deadlines.
  • Monitor progress daily and promptly address and issues that threaten the schedule.
  • Remember: Because so much work on a construction project is sequential, even a minor delay today can be responsible for a major disruption in the future.
  • Be proactive about preventing rework, as it can be a real drain on productivity and cause unforeseen delays.
  • Take advantage of prefabricated construction when possible, as it can greatly boost efficiency and productivity.
  • Be aware of common reasons for workers getting stuck waiting around on the job, and take appropriate steps to prevent it. This wasted time can add up significantly over the course of days, weeks, and months. And remember, one small task getting delayed can cause ripples of subsequent delays.
  • Keep up to date on weather forecasts and prepare for inclement weather that may interfere with work.

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