Top Tips for Choosing a Heavy Equipment Dealer

Top Tips for Choosing a Heavy Equipment Dealer

Choosing a heavy equipment dealer is an important decision that can affect your construction business or other organization’s short- and long-term success in many ways. Ideally, this will be a years-long relationship. It’s about more than finding a dealer with the right prices on the right machines. It’s also about the ongoing service and support you’ll get and the relationship you can build.

Here are some pointers on choosing a heavy equipment dealer that will help position you for success for the long haul.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Heavy Equipment Dealer

  • Does the dealer carry a brand of heavy equipment you want in your fleet?
  • Does it offer new and used machinery, as well as purchasing and rental options?
  • Investigate the financing options offered.
  • Is there a good selection of attachments and light equipment?
  • Find out about the support you’ll get, from maintenance and repairs to parts to telematics support and more.
  • Inquire about warranties and maintenance schedules.
  • Also ask about parts delivery, whether technicians will go to your location, and similar conveniences.
  • Learn how telematics is used in the dealer’s support system.
  • Is the dealership conveniently located for you and your work sites?
  • Are there other branches if you work across regions or the entire state?
  • Check out whether the premises at the dealership are clean, well maintained, and well stocked.
  • Pay attention to the friendliness, professionalism, and knowledgeability of all the staff on site.
  • Ask about the experience and training of the technicians.
  • Does the dealer give you the impression that it sees you as more than just a sale, and as a long-term service commitment?
  • Check for online reviews and ask around among people you know to learn more about the dealer’s reputation.

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