Top Tips for Buying a New Forklift

Top Tips for Buying a New Forklift

Buying a new forklift isn’t necessarily as involved a process as buying larger pieces of heavy equipment with a bigger range of attachments or applications. But that definitely doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and purchase the first one you see.

Like any other machine, a forklift is an investment in your business. It’s important to take a little extra time to ensure you get the right one to safely, efficiently, and effectively meet your needs. By selecting the perfect forklift for its particular demands, you’ll keep down maintenance costs over time and maximize the life of the machine, all while boosting productivity and reducing the risk of accidents, damage, and injuries.

Below are some of the most important points of consideration when buying a new forklift. Look them over and shop with confidence! And don’t forget to talk to your dealer about your needs and preferences so they can help you make the smartest purchasing decisions.

Advice for Buying a New Forklift

  • Know your lifting needs. Buy a forklift with the specs and attachments to match the load capacities, load types, lifting heights, and operating hours it will have to accommodate.
  • Consider the environment. Will the forklift be mostly for indoor or outdoor use, or both? What type of ground conditions will it operate on? How wide are the aisles and how tight are the turns it will have to navigate? These sort of things affect which machine designs, specs, and tires will work best.
  • Review the safety features. When buying a new forklift, make sure you have people trained to operate it, and that it has good visibility and cutting-edge safety features. Things like backup alarms, well-placed mirrors, and adequate lighting are important. And everyone who uses it or works around it should brush up on best practices for forklift safety at the job site.
  • Think about operator comfort. Ergonomic seats, user-friendly controls, and other aspects of a thoughtfully designed forklift cab are important to operator comfort. A comfortable operator is a happier, more productive, safer operator.
  • Don’t buy on price alone. The cheapest forklift may seem appealing if you’re eyeing a tight budget, but that’s not a smart way to buy equipment. In addition to sacrifices in power, efficiency, safety, and other aspects of performance, the lifetime costs often end up higher. Better quality machines generally require less maintenance and last longer.
  • Buy a reputable brand from a reputable dealer. Selecting a forklift from a top brand helps ensure you end up with a high-performance machine with minimal lifetime costs and maximum lifespan. And always go with a dealer who offers unmatched service and support. Maybe we’re biased, but we strongly suggest getting a CASE forklift from Trekker Group.

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