Top Tips for Buying a New Compact Track Loader

Top Tips for Buying a New Compact Track Loader

Akin to a hybrid of a bulldozer and a skid steer loader, compact track loaders (CTLs) are a great, versatile, cost-effective type of smaller earthmoving equipment. They offering an exceptional horsepower-to-weight ratio, and are widely used for all sorts of applications in construction, agriculture, landscaping, utility, and other environments.

CTLs have a place in just about any fleet. Of course, you want to make sure you select the best machine for your needs. These machines come in varying power outputs and operating capacities, and having the right one for the job is important to efficiency, productivity, safety, and protecting the equipment against undue wear and tear.

Talk to your dealer about how you intend to engage your compact track loader and what type of environments it will be used in. Their expert guidance will help you choose the right heavy equipment, as will the tips for buying a new compact track loader found below.

Advice for Buying a New Compact Track Loader

  • Know the plan for your CTL. Understanding the types of environments, ground surfaces, and applications you need the compact track loader for is crucial to picking out the right machine with the right specs.
  • Pay attention to the max lift/dump specs. CTLs are more limited in this regard than some other machines, but they’re well suited to efficiently executing certain limited-height applications like loading and unloading trucks and stockpiling. Also look at the maximum reach for lifting and dumping.
  • Choose between vertical and radial lift paths. The choice depends on the intended average loads and applications. Do you need more lift height or reach? Vertical lift models are better if you need lift height capacities. They’re generally a little higher priced than radial lift models, which lift in an arc and provide better reach at lower heights.
  • Consider operating capacity and tipping load. Again, this is another reason you need a good idea of what the CTL will be doing. Be sure to buy a machine that can handle the weight of the loads it will be lifting and transporting. You also need to take into account whether the equipment will be transporting lifted loads or traversing unstable types of terrain.
  • Look at horsepower and torque. These affect the compact track loader’s power, efficiency, and fuel efficiency. They also matter for the attachments you’ll be coupling the machine with. Getting these specs right for the intended uses is a key part of shopping for a new CTL.
  • Size the model for its work environment. Will the compact track loader be working in wide open spaces? If so, a larger model will work. But if it will operate in enclosed areas or with other space limitations, be sure to purchase a model that can fully maneuver, lift, and reach in the space available.
  • Evaluate the cab and controls. There’s plenty to inspect in a heavy equipment cab. Prioritize operator comfort, intuitive controls, and careful design for maximum visibility and safety.
  • Get a CTL with an advanced remote monitoring system. Telematics are an essential tool for machine tracking and maintenance today. There are so many benefits of a remote monitoring system that you should consider it a mandatory inclusion on any heavy equipment you purchase.
  • Buy from a trusted dealer. This is the most important part of building your fleet with the right machine investments. Your heavy equipment dealer should provide expert guidance on every purchase, stellar customer service, exceptional warranties, and standout maintenance, service, and support from highly trained technicians.

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