Top Tips About the Basics of Shoring Safety

Top Tips About the Basics of Shoring Safety

Shoring systems are generally used for supporting walls or trenches at the start of construction, when reinforcing structures, during demolition, and during excavation. They provide reinforcement that prevents collapses, crumbing, and cave-ins. Because these support systems are such a crucial part of safety at the job site, it’s of utmost importance that everyone understands the basics of shoring safety.

So, review these tips about the basics of shoring safety. Consider sharing them with your crew, co-workers, etc., too.

Shoring Safety Tips

  • Always follow all local, municipal, state, and federal regulations pertaining to the use of shoring systems.
  • Prior to support system installation, a competent person should inspect the entire site where shoring will be used to identify and properly address any potential hazards.
  • A qualified person must plan out the installation of the shoring system. Obtain shoring drawings and keep them on site.
  • Thoroughly inspect all materials, equipment, and tools being used in the shoring system, and for its installation. Do not use any components or equipment that appears damaged or defective in any way. Remove them from the area and clearly label them as damaged so they can be replaced or repaired.
  • Handle all shoring materials and equipment carefully.
  • Use all shoring materials and equipment only as they are intended to be used.
  • A qualified supervisor should oversee the erecting and dismantling of the shoring system, as well as all alterations that are made to the system during the course of work.
  • The support system should be inspected regularly throughout the duration of its use. If there are any concerns about its integrity or safety, stop use and bring them to the attention of a qualified supervisor immediately.
  • Shoring systems are not for fall protection.
  • Don’t climb or stand on the system’s cross braces.

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