Top Causes of Construction Project Delays

Top Causes of Construction Project Delays

Every construction job comes with a timeline and deadlines. And every construction job comes with complications that can put those timelines and deadlines in jeopardy. Of course, running significantly behind can reduce your profits and negatively reflect on your brand. So, it’s important to understand the common causes of construction project delays and how to proactively prevent them as best as possible.

So, look over these typical causes of construction project delays and think about how often any of them have affected your work. And if you tend to encounter one or two of them with some regularity, it’s time to come up with some new strategies to prevent them.

Also, check out these tips for keeping construction projects on schedule.

Common Reasons for Construction Project Delays

  • Labor shortages – Today, it’s not uncommon for construction companies to lack enough skilled crew members to complete jobs efficiently. If you’ve been finding that you simply need more workers, read over these hiring strategies during a skilled labor shortage.
  • Equipment or material shortages – These days, there are lots of supply chain issues making it harder to get all the equipment and materials you need. Keep a close eye on your inventory, inspect it regularly, and always know your upcoming needs. Place orders well in advance and remain in constant contact with your suppliers so you know what may be hard to get.
  • Budget conflicts – These aren’t always avoidable, and projects often start running over budget. One of the best things you can do in this regard is provide the most accurate estimates possible. Watch out for these common construction project estimating mistakes.
  • Poor communication – A construction project has so many moving parts, and it’s not unusual for one hand to have no idea what the other is doing—even when they can easily impact each other’s ability to proceed on schedule. Some people must have a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening, and there must be clear, simple, efficient chains of communication for issues to be communicated to all parties affected.
  • Issues with subcontractors – Things can get tricky when your work depends on the work of third parties. It’s so important that you carefully select your subcontractors, build strong relationships with them, and keep tabs on their progress. Here are some more tips for working with subcontractors that can help prevent them from knocking your projects off schedule.
  • Weather – One factor that’s completely out of your hands is the weather. In Florida, for example, heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes are familiar causes of construction project delays. Even brutal heat and humidity can slow work down considerably. Monitor weather forecasts closely and constantly so you can do your best to plan ahead for issues.

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