Tips for Basic Preventive Maintenance for Excavators

Tips for Basic Preventive Maintenance for Excavators

With all the digging and loading, often in harsh environments and on rough ground conditions, excavators are subject to a lot of tough work and wear and tear at the job site.

If this heavy equipment isn’t well cared for on a regular basis, all that heavy lifting—literal and figurative—starts to take a toll on an excavator’s safety, power, efficiency, and overall performance. It also increases the likelihood of machine downtime and potentially expensive repairs and part replacements. And all of this reduces productivity and increases the machine’s lifetime costs.

Taking a little time for proper preventive maintenance for excavators is a smart investment. Below are highlights of what this should include.

Tackling Preventive Maintenance for Excavators

  • Refer to and follow the OEM’s recommendations for cleaning, preventive maintenance, and a professional servicing schedule
  • Confirm that coolers are free of dirt and debris
  • Check, clean, and change the air, fuel, engine, and hydraulic filters as directed in the excavator’s owner’s manual
  • Proactively address any wear or damage to attachment components
  • Inspect the wear plates on the bucket and that the bucket’s teeth are all there and in good condition
  • Grease pins and bushings every day
  • Inspect and lubricate the swing gear and swing bearing and clean out any dirt or other contamination in the compartment
  • Drain water from the fuel/water separator
  • Don’t neglect undercarriage maintenance on your excavators, paying close attention to bolts, shoes, guards, and the sprocket and drive on the track; tighten or replace parts as needed

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