Thoughtful Ways to Keep Workers Happy

Thoughtful Ways to Keep Workers Happy

For a productive and reliable crew on your site, it’s important to keep your workers satisfied and healthy. We’ve laid out a few thoughtful ways to keep workers happy on the job.

Be Transparent

Share your company priorities, strategies, goals, and initiatives with your team. Your workers must feel like you trust them to be in the loop and understand where the company is headed. This will ensure they feel like a part of the team and are more likely to be on board with the project’s vision.

A great way to keep your team informed is to hold regular town hall meetings to announce the latest news. This is also a good opportunity for workers to speak up about any worksite issues or to get the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Encourage Life-Long Learning

Life-long learning is an essential part of advancing your workers’ careers and increasing their confidence. Learning new job-related skills can help workers grow their opportunities and keep up with technological innovations in the construction industry.

However, life-long learning doesn’t have to be exclusive to job-related topics. Enjoying new hobbies and learning new skills for fun is the perfect way for workers to recharge off the job. Encourage your employees to pursue something that interests them.

Show Them You Care

Your employees should never feel like just a number on your spreadsheet or like they can easily be replaced. Show members of your workforce they are valued by treating them to nice activities or benefits.

Host events like an annual holiday party or invite them to a nice meal. This not only encourages community-building among employees but also gives them an opportunity to take a break and enjoy the rewards of their hard work.

Allow Time for Stretching

When working at a construction site, employees are constantly putting stress on their bodies. From operating heavy machinery to engaging in repetitive movements, it can quickly take a toll on anyone’s body. That’s why stretching is a critical part of self-care. 

Ensure you allow time for construction workers to stretch for at least five minutes a few times throughout the day. This will increase workplace safety and help their bodies maintain good muscle function and range of motion.

Create a Safe Space

Although we’ve made many strides as a society when it comes to destigmatizing mental health issues, we still need to work hard to create a safe space. 

A simple way to ensure workers know they can be open about when they’re struggling is for managers to lead discussions around mental health. A simple, regular check-in to see how employees are coping will allow the team to offer support. 

There are other ways to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and more issues. These include offering mental health training, free access to a mindfulness app, or counseling services. 

No matter how you choose to take care of your employees, it’s important to always think of ways to keep workers happy. Not only will the team function more effectively, but they’ll stick around for future projects!


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