Resource Guide: 10 of the Best Construction Industry Podcasts

Resource Guide: 10 of the Best Construction Industry Podcasts

Staying up to date with the latest construction industry news, trends, technology, innovations, research, best practices, growth strategies, and more is no easy task. But it’s essential to staying competitive, profitable, and successful. The listen-on-demand nature of podcasts makes it all more manageable. Regularly checking out some of the best construction industry podcasts is a convenient way to keep current, to keep learning, and to be exposed to new ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best construction industry podcasts available today. Check them out and work a few of your favorites into your routine, whether that means listening on your drive to and from work, while you work out, while you decompress at the end of the day, or whenever else you can fit them in.

Also, we previously rounded up some of the best construction industry blogs if you’re looking for additional learning resources.

Stay Up to Date with These Construction Industry Podcasts

1. The AEC Disruptors Podcast – Get interesting perspectives on change and innovation in architecture, engineering, and construction.

2. Art of Construction Podcast – Lots of insights for contractors and affiliates about growing their businesses.

3. Bridging the Gap Podcast – This one covers a broad range of mechanical, engineering, and plumbing topics.

4. Building the Future Podcast – Tune in for information about commercial and residential construction, real estate, remodeling, and more.

5. CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio Podcast – Explore construction equipment and technology in depth with the monthly episodes.

6. Construction Brothers Podcast – A highly entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking option for builders.

7. Construction Leading Edge Podcast – A well-established podcast focused on helping construction company owners grow and increase profitability.

8. The ConTechCrew Podcast – Delve into the latest construction technology and trends with the weekly episodes.

9. The Contracting Coachcast – New episodes come out every weekday, packed with tips for running a successful contracting business.

10. The Lien Zone – Get insights about all sorts of legal issues like contracts, liens, and more from a team of construction lawyers.

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