Reasons to Have a Mini Excavator in Your Company’s Fleet

Reasons to Have a Mini Excavator in Your Company’s Fleet

Excavators are essential heavy equipment, but their compact versions are often overlooked. This is a shame, because there are plenty of compelling reasons to have a mini excavator on hand for a wide variety of projects and applications. This is particularly true when you consider the many possibilities beyond digging that exist with different attachments.

Benefits of a Mini Excavator’s Compact Size

Obviously, there are advantages to a mini excavator’s smaller size, especially if you frequently complete projects where a full-size excavator is excessive.

  • Compact excavators create less storage and transportation burden than their larger counterparts
  • They generate considerably less noise than full-size excavators
  • They consume less fuel and other fluids, reducing operational costs
  • Mini excavators are much more maneuverable and manageable in tighter work environments, and can access confined spaces that bigger machines can’t
  • A lighter footprint lets them be used with less risk of damage to finished grades and ground surfaces
  • They increase efficiency and productivity when used for properly sized jobs
  • Compact excavators are simple to operate, so workers can be trained quickly without much time or cost

Other Applications of Compact Excavators Besides Digging

One of the other good reasons to have a mini excavator in your fleet is its functional versatility. These machines aren’t limited to a bucket, and leading models can couple with other attachments like augurs, thumbs, hammers, compactors, and more.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits of the equipment’s smaller size while putting it to use for breaking and other demolition tasks, clearing, compacting, lifting, and various site prep applications.

CASE Construction Equipment Mini Excavators

The Tier 4 Final CASE C-Series Mini Excavators are excellent machines to consider when you’re ready to take advantage of all the reasons to have a mini excavator in your fleet. The series features seven models, ranging from 1.7 to 6 metric tons and hitting dig depths of up to 13.1 feet. These exceptionally responsive, operator-friendly pieces of equipment offer best-in-class horsepower, unmatched safety, and all reliability and standard features you expect from CASE.

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