Reasons to Have a Combi Roller in Your Company’s Fleet

Reasons to Have a Combi Roller in Your Company’s Fleet

If you perform asphalt paving projects, you’ve undoubtedly relied on double-drum vibratory and pneumatic tire rollers for asphalt compaction. The former delivers the force necessary for compaction, while the latter adds finesse to the job. Because it performs both functions, there are some compelling reasons to have a combi roller on hand in your fleet.

Combi rollers are, of course, a combination of these two types of compaction equipment. They have a double-drum vibratory roller at the front end and pneumatic tire rollers at the rear. This provides the benefits of both in one convenient machine.

If you’re a pavement contractor or other company performing asphalt compaction, here are some reasons to have a combi roller in the fleet:

Advantages of Owning a Combi Roller

  • Its’ the best of both worlds. The double-drum vibratory roller at the front of the combi roller provides the compaction force. The pneumatic tire rollers in back knead the asphalt for greater density, fewer voids, and a superior seal.
  • It’s cost-effective. For many contractors, the cost, storage, and transport needs of multiple machines providing the unique benefits of each type is prohibitive. A combi roller is a more affordable alternative requiring less resources.
  • It increases productivity and profits. Allowing for greater control of compaction performance based on the asphalt type and the requirements of each lift, and with the finishing of the pneumaitc tire rollers, combi rollers get the job done in fewer passes.
  • It improves pavement quality. Not only does a combi roller yield excellent density, fewer voids, and a better seal, it also greatly reduces the risk of over-compaction (which can cause new asphalt to deteriorate faster). This is another benefit of completing the work in fewer passes.
  • It offers more scalable solutions. Combi roller manufacturers have various sizing options for different applications. Small-frame options allow for the use of pnuematic tire rollers on applications where this wasn’t previously available, like for sidewalks or golf cart paths; large-frame options readily handle roads, parking lots, and other large-scale asphalt compaction projects.
  • It’s cutting-edge. Combi rollers are compatible with today’s intelligent compaction and infrared technologies. These tools improve compaction quality, and also efficiency, which means saving time, fuel, and wear on heavy equipment.

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