The UNA-CLAD™ Series 10 Panel System is designed to use an aluminum exterior sheet laminated to either an aluminum or kraft honeycomb core. A variety of material and finish options are available. The Series 10 panels are fabricated using conventional press brake methods and laminated on a vacuum press. The panels are mounted to the wall through a continuous flange, typically located on the two longest opposing sides of a panel. The Series 10 Panel System is designed as a caulked barrier wall panel system. Honeycomb wall panels have superior flatness and span capabilities. 

Method of Application:

  1. Attachment of panels to a system of subgirts or direct attachment to a smooth, solid substrate of plywood is recommended for Series 10 panels
  2. Application of a Firestone approved weather-resistant barrier prior to panel installation is recommended.
  3. Installation through continuous panel flanges allows for simple non-sequential panel installation and removal.
  4. Panels are to be installed in as-needed, non-sequential installation of system. 


  1. Nu-Vue metal panels should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place where no moisture can contact them. Moisture (from rain, snow, condensation, etc.) trapped between layers of material may cause water stains or white rust, which can affect the service life of the material and detract from its appearance.
  2. If outdoor storage cannot be avoided, protect the panels with a ventilated canvas or waterproof paper cover. Do not use plastic, which can cause condensation. Keep the material off the ground in an inclined position with an insulator such as wood, or keep panels crated. Protective film may degrade or become brittle with long-term exposure to direct sunlight. 


  1. Oil canning is not a cause for rejection.
  2. Exercise caution when lifting, moving, transporting, storing, or handling Firestone metal to avoid possible physical damage.
  3. Immediately remove protective film after installation.
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