Construction Company Website Design Mistakes that Hurt Your Business

Construction Company Website Design Mistakes that Hurt Your Business

Your website should be bringing you new leads, clients, and contracts. A lot goes into designing an effective site for a construction company. Following these best practices is important. But you also need to watch out for common construction company website design mistakes that negatively affect the user experience and your site’s ability to sell.

Review your site for any of these construction company website design mistakes, especially if your site doesn’t seem to be delivering new jobs. Keep them in mind, too, if you’re launching a new website or undergoing a redesign of an existing site.

Web Design Mistakes that Hurt Your Construction Company

  • Your site isn’t completely mobile friendly. These days, most people first encounter your website on their phone or other mobile device. If it doesn’t look good and work properly, they’ll leave.
  • The pages take too long to load. This hurts the user experience and how Google and other search engines rank your website.
  • The site doesn’t communicate a unique selling proposition, or a solid idea of why people should trust your company for their construction project.
  • It’s not clear what type of construction you do.
  • There’s no portfolio of completed projects with high-quality photos.
  • You don’t outline your experience of have important industry trust signals like licenses and certifications, insurance, trade group memberships, safety protocols, a list of clients, etc.
  • The site is too cluttered, uses too many fonts/colors, has low-quality images, has big blocks of text that are hard to skim, or is otherwise visually unappealing. Also, typos, spelling/grammar mistakes, and difficult-to-follow writing undermine your credibility.
  • The site is hard or confusing to navigate, or it’s hard to find essential information (including contact information).

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