Choosing Your PPE: Work Glove Selection Tips for Construction

Choosing Your PPE: Work Glove Selection Tips for Construction

Construction gloves are one of the essential forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job site. Work glove selection is important because not only do the gloves provide protection for the hands, they also affect comfort and productivity during work tasks. And needless to say, hands are pretty important. They’re also relatively vulnerable and fragile; they’re so close to so many dangers, and they contain lots of thin bones and joints. Injuries to the hand can also make working particularly painful.

A good set of construction gloves can prevent many hand injuries at the job site. So, here are some pointers for work glove selection to ensure that you or your crew has access to the best hand protection.

Choosing the Right Construction Gloves for Workers

  • Along with all-purpose construction gloves, purchase different ones made for specific types of protection so workers have access to pairs that offer a high level of protection against the particular risks of different tasks. For example, there are gloves designed for protection against cuts, corrosive agents, impact, extreme temperatures, etc.
  • Buy work gloves in as many sizes as possible for your crew so that everyone can find some that fit perfectly. They should be snug so they don’t hinder the grip, but not so tight that they limit the hand and fingers’ range of motion. Also, loose material can get snagged on things and caught in machinery.
  • Also provide gloves with different types of grips so everyone can wear a pair that provides a safe grip for the task at hand. Sometimes, a smooth surface is necessary, while textured or rubberized grips are important for securely holding many tools during use.
  • Research the durability of glove brands you’re considering. All construction gloves wear out, but some wear out much faster than others. They’re exposed to a lot of abuse on the job, so make sure you’re spending your money on pairs that are manufactured to withstand it.
  • Don’t try to save money by going with cheaper work gloves. Not only do they probably provide less protection, they also need to be replaced more often than higher-quality, higher-cost alternatives. In the long run, you’ll spend more money buying more pairs of lower-cost gloves than if you invest a little more in longer-lasting ones.
  • Pay attention to comforts. Yes, it matters when people are wearing them while working with their hands all day! Uncomfortable gloves can lower productivity, work quality, and job satisfaction.

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