20 Benefits of Remote Monitoring Systems for Heavy Equipment

20 Benefits of Remote Monitoring Systems for Heavy Equipment

Today’s sophisticated remote monitoring systems for heavy equipment fleets provide advanced tools to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve safety on the job site. Telematics systems like CASE SiteWatch and Hyundai Hi-Mate combine informatics, telecommunications, and GPS technologies to constantly monitor the location, usage, performance, and health of your construction machines. 

All the data is available to you at any time, from any place. Wireless fleet monitoring systems also give your maintenance provider access to critical data for preventing and quickly addressing performance problems to minimize repair expenses and downtime, as well as for preparing performance reports if you want them. 

Advantages of Remote Monitoring Systems 

Wireless fleet monitoring technology provides many benefits, and ultimately it helps you make smarter decisions about how you run your construction business. Here are 20 ways it cuts costs, boosts efficiency and productivity, and makes the job site more secure: 

  1. Access any and all data wherever you are, from any computer or your mobile device with an accompanying app 
  1. Always know where all your construction machinery is 
  1. Review and analyze key performance indicators like fuel consumption, pump pressure, coolant temperature, and others 
  1. Review and analyze usage data like run time, idle time, high workload status, and more 
  1. Customize analytics to get all the parameters and insights you want 
  1. Detect problems in machine electrical systems, engines, and hydraulic systems so they can be addressed before performance or safety are compromised—and become significantly more expensive to repair 
  1. Let your maintenance provider foresee and quickly detect issues for cheaper, faster fixes 
  1. Allow your maintenance provider to run remote diagnostics so they come properly prepared to address problems efficiently 
  1. Hone rental needs by identifying under- and overused machinery 
  1. More effectively manage fuel, parts, component replacement, and other logistics needs 
  1. Eliminate a good deal of wasteful manual data entry tasks 
  1. Get automated reminders about scheduled maintenance 
  1. Easily track maintenance history 
  1. Monitor operator driving and usage habits 
  1. Know if machines are being used inappropriately (e.g., workers unsafely and wastefully using large equipment for small tasks) 
  1. Know if machines aren’t being used when they should be 
  1. Instate geographic boundaries and operation curfews for fleet equipment 
  1. Receive alerts about unauthorized machine usage or movement 
  1. Shut down equipment remotely in the event of problems, misuse, or theft 
  1. Gain a deeper understanding of your fleet capabilities for more accurate time and cost estimates 

A Smart Investment 

As you can see, your construction business benefits in so many ways from wireless monitoring telematics for heavy equipment. It’s a good investment in your efficiency and productivity, on-site safety, and controlled maintenance costs. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology to streamline and improve your operations.

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